Knowledge Sharing and Corporate Resilience of Manufacturing Firms in Rivers State, Nigeria



Justina Inusah Gideon Yakubu1 and B. Chima Onuoha2

  1. Doctoral Student, Department of Management, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
  2. Professor of Management, Department of Management, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


This study examined the relationship between knowledge sharing (KS) and corporate resilience (CR) of manufacturing firms in Rivers State, Nigeria. The cross-sectional survey was adopted in the study. The population of 125 managers and supervisors of manufacturing firms were identified. However, a total sample size of 92 was derived. Thus, questionnaire was distributed to 92 managers and supervisors of the selected firms. The systematic sampling technique was used in this study, from the questionnaire administered, only 86 copies which represented 93% were correctly filled and retrieved. The data was analyzed using the Pearson product moment correlation statistical tool in order to ascertain the relationship between the variables. It was observed from the analysis that there is a significant positive relationship between the dimensions of knowledge sharing with the measures of corporate resilience. Hence, it was concluded that knowledge sharing culture and practice helps to improve the success of business by helping it to anticipate key events from emerging trends and rapidly bounce back from disaster, when it occurs. It was recommended among others that manufacturing firms in Rivers state should continue to invite experts to train their employees so that they will learn from internationally recognized best practices, knowledge management and organizational resilience.
Key Words: Knowledge Sharing, Organizational Communication, Training and Development, Corporate Resilience, Adaptability, Robustness.






Yakubu, J.I.G. & Onuoha, B.C (2022). Knowledge Sharing and Corporate Resilience of Manufacturing Firms in Rivers State, Nigeria. Research Journal of Management Practice, 2(1), pp67-80. Available online at:

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