The following journals are hosted/available for paper submission:

International Journal of Advanced Academic Research (ISSN: 2488-9849) – Nigeria

African Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Development (ISSN: 2714-4402) – Nigeria

African Journal of Business and Economic Development (ISSN: 2782-7658) – Nigeria

International Journal of Research in Education and Sustainable Development (ISSN: 2782-7666) – Nigeria

Journal of Global Interdependence and Economic Sustainability (ISSN: 2955-0815) – Nigeria

Research Journal of Management Practice (ISSN: 2782-7674) – Nigeria

Engineering Research Journal (ISSN: 2782-8212) – Nigeria

Scholarly Journal of Advanced Legal Research (ISSN: 2782-8220) – Nigeria

Scholarly Journal of Social Sciences Research (ISSN: 2955-0785) – Nigeria

Scholarly Journal of Management Sciences Research (ISSN: 2955-0793) – Nigeria

Scholarly Journal of Science and Technology Research and Development (ISSN: 2955-0807) – Nigeria

European Journal of Business and Management

British Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences – UK

Journal of Finance and Accounting Research – U.S.A

Journal of Tourism and Hospitality – U.S.A

Journal of Education – U.S.A

Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences – U.S.A

Journal of Philosophy – U.S.A

Journal of Law – U.S.A

Journal of Civil and Environmental Research – U.S.A

Journal of Agriculture – U.S.A

Journal of Computer Engineering and Intelligent Systems – U.S.A

Journal of Environment – U.S.A

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Journals (with countries)

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Call for papers

Research Articles written in English Language are invited from interested researchers in the academic community and other establishments for publication. Authors who wish to submit manuscripts should ensure that the manuscripts have not been submitted elsewhere neither is it under consideration in another journal. The articles should be the original work of the authors. High quality theoretical and empirical original research papers, case studies, review papers, literature reviews, book reviews, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, technical note from researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students from all over the world are welcomed.


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