Impact of Management Motivational Strategies on Teachers’ job satisfaction in Somalia.

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Impact of Management Motivational Strategies on Teachers’ job satisfaction in Somalia.



Ali Araye Addow


Ntu N. Nkomo

Faculty of Education

Islamic University in Uganda


Teachers must be properly motivated in order to reach the needed educational production if quality education is to be achieved. This implies that quality education cannot be attained unless teachers are satisfied with their working conditions. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of management motivational strategies on teachers’ job satisfaction in Somalia. The concept of motivation was described as a set of intricate impulses, wants, tensions, emotions, or mechanisms that initiate and sustain action in the direction of achieving one’s own objectives. Some of the basic motivational strategies listed in this paper include staff development and training, participatory decision-making, good working conditions, remunerations and salaries, job security, etc. To increase employee productivity, companies must be able to offer them conditions that will make them more productive and engaged at work. This is what is meant by job satisfaction. The paper recommended among other things, that the terms of employment for school instructors should be more appealing. Teachers should be paid fairly and given advancements when they are due. Loans, housing, and other advantages should be made available to them. For the teacher, this would be encouraging.

Keywords: Education, job satisfaction, management, motivation, strategies

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Employee Loyalty and Employee Heterogeneity of Deposit Money Banks in Rivers State

Employee Loyalty and Employee Heterogeneity of Deposit Money Banks in Rivers State

Barnabas Suotonye Stanfast (PhD)

Department of Management,

Niger Delta University,



Abigail Ode (PhD)

Department of Business Administration,

University of Benin,




This study examined the relationship between employee loyalty and employee heterogeneity of deposit money banks in Rivers State. Cross sectional research design was adopted in studying the deposit money banks in Olu Obasanjo Road, Port Harcourt. Two-hundred and thirty-two (232) copies of questionnaire were retrieved and analyzed from the field survey out of two-hundred and fifty-nine (259) distributed. Spearman’s rank order correlation coefficient statistical tool was employed to ascertain the relationship between the variables. Findings revealed a positive non-significant relationship between the variable employee loyalty and the measures of employee heterogeneity (gender and age heterogeneity). It was concluded that employee loyalty positively but non-significantly relate to employee heterogeneity of deposit money banks in Rivers State. The study suggested that the CBN should increase its routine bank inspections to make sure that the banks are following industry best practices. Management of deposit money banks should make sure that workplaces are constantly being upgraded and made conducive and this will foster job satisfaction and bring about employee loyalty.

Keywords: Motivation, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Heterogeneity, Gender, Age




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