Religion, Insecurity and Social Cohesion in Nigeria

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Religion, Insecurity and Social Cohesion in Nigeria

Religion, Insecurity and Social Cohesion in Nigeria

Michael, N. Nwoko
Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria


In the context of national security, religion is believed to aid in propagating social cohesion and security through positive ideological orientation among its adherents.  But events of the recent times have placed some doubt to this fact due to the criminal activities of some religious aligned terrorist organisations in Africa and across the globe. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the role of religion in national security and social cohesion in Nigeria. Methodologically, this paper relies on secondary sources of data collected from textbooks, journal articles, newspapers and the Internet. Data analysis techniques adopted include content, thematic, historical and secondary data analyses. The paper is not statistically based. However, simple percentage will be used to illustrate quantitative data where necessary. One of the major findings of the paper shows that one singular challenge that has worked and is still working against every effort in Africa for religious inclusiveness, national security and social cohesion is corruption. This menace, the paper further observed has permeated into our political system and religious organisations. It is concluded here that religion which should have been a unifying factor for national security and social cohesion has rather shown negative inclination, especially after the ugly incident of 9-11 in the U.S and other criminal activities based on religious fundamentalism and extremism in other parts of the world, Nigeria inclusive in recent times.

Keywords: Religion, Security and Insecurity, Social Cohesion, Religious Fundamentalism, Religious Extremism, Corruption.

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