Recruitment Methods and Employee Performance in Public Institutions in Rivers State


Chukwu Sylvia Adaoma

Department of Management

Faculty of Management Sciences

University of Port Harcourt

Prof. B. C. Onuoha

Department of Management

Faculty of Management Sciences

University of Port Harcourt


This research undertaking examines the relationship between recruitment methods and employee performance of public institutions in Rivers State. Cross sectional research design was adopted in studying four (4) of these institutions. Our respondents were managerial employees constituting the population of the study. From the field survey, we retrieved and analyzed one hundred and six (106) copies of questionnaire from the participants; Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient statistical tool was used to determine the relationship existing between the variables while the p-value obtained were used to test hypotheses formulated for the study. Findings revealed the existence of significant relationship between the dimensions of recruitment methods namely; internal recruitment and external recruitment and employee performance; thus, the methods deployed in organizations for recruitment are as serious business as the success of any organization or efficiency in operations within the organization and service delivery depends on the quality of its workforce who was recruited into the organization through those methods. It was concluded that that recruitment method is indispensably imperative to our public institutions such that by getting the right people in the right place at the right time, doing the right job becomes an essential element for value delivery of services unto the people, thus the method deployed per time in recruiting workforce in turn affects their performance. It is recommended for our public institutions as well as other agencies saddled with the responsibility of services offering to critically examine the components as well as processes of recruitment so that employee performance will continually yield best outcomes to all concerned.

Keywords: Recruitment methods, Internal Recruitment, External Recruitment and Employee Performance


Chukwu, S.A & Onuoha, B.C (2022). Recruitment Methods and Employee Performance in Public Institutions in Rivers State. Research Journal of Management Practice, 2(1), pp45-53. Available online at:

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