Factors Associated with Risky Sexual Behaviours among Adolescent in Niger Delta


Joab Abigail Ugbana and Dr. Goodluck Azuonu

Department of Human Kinetics, Health and Safety, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt


Risky sexual behaviours are major global issue prevalent in Nigeria with regional variations. Major implications observed in Nigeria affect both migrant and non-migrant population yet factors associated with it remain scanty in literature. The implications of Risky Sexual Behaviours among young population have contributed immensely to high rate of mortality and morbidity worldwide especially through HIV and AIDS. This study examined factors associated with risky sexual behaviours among adolescent in Niger Delta. The study found that parental influence, economic reasons, peer influence, pleasure, search for academic advantages, community factors and loss of self-respect are factors associated with Risky Sexual Behaviours among Adolescent in Niger Delta. The study concludes that Social context of early adolescence means a lot for adolescents’ sexual experience in later phase of life. When parents provide their children the right information about sex, it can protect them from risky sexual behaviours as they grow older. Furthermore, environment, culture, religion, peer have also been identified as sexual risk factors. It recommends that Parents should as a matter of responsibility, monitor and pay regular attention to their children’s sexual life, Parents should educate their children on the dangers of risky sexual behaviours, Adolescents should mind the kind of people they keep as peers and adolescents should study to avoid being used by lecturers because of grade.

Keywords: Risky Sexual Behaviours, Adolescent, Niger Delta


Ugbana, J.A & Azuonu, G. (2022). Factors Associated with Risky Sexual Behaviours among Adolescent in Niger Delta. International Journal of Research in Education and Sustainable Development, 2(2), 40-49. Available online at: https://www.ijaar.org/articles/ijresd/v2n2/ijresd-v2n1-Jan22-p2139.pdf

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