Entrepreneurial Personality and Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Rivers State



Justina Inusah Gideon Yakubu1 and B. Chima Onuoha2

  1. Doctoral Student, Department of Management, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
  2. Professor of Management, Department of Management, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


The association between entrepreneurial personality and performance of SMEs in Rivers state was investigated in this research. In this research, a cross-sectional survey was used. The research looked at a total of 212 small business owners and workers. A total of 119 people were chosen from the public as part of the study. On each of the chosen businesses, the systematic sampling approach was used. Respondents were given copies of the questionnaires, and the bivariate hypothesis was tested using Spearman’s rank order correlation. According to the findings, there is a substantial positive link between entrepreneurial personality traits (conscientiousness and extraversion) and SMEs performance metrics (business growth and profitability). The research indicated that entrepreneurship and SMEs make a significant contribution to an economy’s long-term growth. Entrepreneurial personality, such as creative capabilities, the capacity to collaborate with people, and a good manner of explaining product to clients, are all traits that may be acquired via training. It was suggested, among other things, that for SME owners to perform successfully, they must have personality traits such as conscientiousness and extraversion, which are capable of improving business growth by effectively competing in both the internal and external markets.

Key Words: Entrepreneurial Personality, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Performance of SMES, Business Growth, Profitability.


Yakubu, J.I.G & Onuoha, B.C (2022). Entrepreneurial Personality and Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Rivers State. African Journal of Business and Economic Development, 2(1), pp61-75. Available online at: https://www.ijaar.org/articles/ajbed/v2n1/ajbed-2vn1-Jan22-p2181.pdf.

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