Effective Management of Records in Nigerian Secondary Schools: Diary and Students’ Attendance Register and their Procedures in Focus



Dr. John Aduwa

Government Secondary School,

Ogbia Town, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Email: aduwajohn4@gmail.com


School diary and students’ attendance register as examples of statutory school records were extensively discussed in this article. School diary is a document used to record all the approved topics expected to be completed with the students in each of the classes for all the subjects on termly basis. The procedures involved in the preparation of school diary were equally highlighted. These procedures will serve as guidelines to all academic staff and heads of schools in the secondary schools for effective management of school diary. The students’ attendance register is a school record for a single class and has provision for each student’s name, admission number, age last birthday, among others. The paper went further and discussed the various components of attendance register and their procedures. These procedures and some computed examples as regard to students’ attendance register were critically examined. All academic staff and school heads in Nigerian secondary schools and beyond will find this article very useful for effective management of these two essential school records. The article concluded that the management of these two records in big schools with few academic staff may not be easy. The paper recommended that extra periods of at least ten (10) minutes should be created in the teaching time table that will allow the class teachers to mark the attendance registers before the first period in the morning and the last period in the afternoon in all the classes.

Keywords: Attendance Register, Diary, Procedures, School Records, Secondary Schools.


Aduwa, J. (2022). Effective Management of Records in Nigerian Secondary Schools: Diary and Students’ Attendance Register and their Procedures in Focus. International Journal of Research in Education and Sustainable Development, 2(1), 63-70. Available online at: https://www.ijaar.org/articles/ijresd/v2n1/ijresd-v2n1-Jan22-p2129.pdf.

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