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Determination of the Composition of Iodine in Selected Brands of Table Salts Sold in Different Sokoto State Markets

Determination of the Composition of Iodine in Selected Brands of Table Salts Sold in Different Sokoto State Markets

Sani, B.Y1., Abdullahi, J1., Sani, Z.T1. and Sulaiman, R1.

1Chemistry Unit, Science Department, State College of Basic and Remedial Studies, Sokoto

Corresponding author email: bsani2414@gmail.com phone number: +234(0)8060918965


Background: Nigeria, with a population of over 140 million and enormous natural resources, has achieved remarkable success in its Universal Salt Iodization (USI) programme. The USI programme took-off effectively in Nigeria in 1993, at a time when only 40% of salt consumed in Nigeria was iodized.

Aim:The study aimed at determining the content of iodine in Dangote Salt (Packet), Dangote Salt (Open Bag) and Mr. Chef Salt (Packet) sold within Sokoto Markets (Central Market, Old Market and Maggi Market) to ascertain whether the concentration of iodine in the salts is/are within the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended retail value.

Method: Determination of the composition of iodine in selected brands of table salts sold in different Sokoto State markets was performed using iodometric method.

Results: The results showed that Dangote salt sold in packets contained a mean value of 26.1ppm of iodine, while Dangote sold in open bags and Mr. Chef salt contained 34.30ppmm and 36.40ppm respectively. The results confirmed that only Dangote salt sold in packs falls within WHO retail range of 20-30ppm.

Key words: Iodine, table salt, iodine deficiency dis-order, universal salt iodization.




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