Challenges of Recruitment and Selection in Nigerian Organisations


Dr. Don-Baridam Letam

Department of Management

Faculty of Management Sciences

Rivers State University

Ngobe Emmanuel Kakate

Department of Asset Support

Spie OIL and Gas Services, Nigeria


Diri Terry Victor

Department of Management

Faculty of Management Sciences

Rivers State University


The aim of this study is to understand the challenges of recruitment and selection in Nigerian organisations. Though it is through the system of recruitment and selection that competent and qualified personnel are being sort and offered job. However, recruitment and selection process in Nigeria organization are faced with several challenges such as geographical location of organisations, cost of advertising, brain drain, economic instability, politicians polarizations, nepotism and favoritism, misrepresentation of qualifications and bribery and corruption that affect their effectiveness. It is believed that a lot can be achieved if the recruiters maintain the status quo by making sure that merit is considered as number one priority followed by impartiality, fairness and equality. Agencies responsible for recruitment in Nigeria should try as much as possible to ensure that no unlawful discrimination occurs in the recruitment and selection process on the grounds of sex, race and religion or belief. In other words, all Nigerians seeking for employment should be given equal opportunity irrespective of their background. Finally, it is hoped that employment agencies in Nigeria will try as much as possible to put the suggestions offered into trial which are believed to be the solution to the identified problems.

Keywords: Challenges, Recruitment and Selection, Organisations


Letam, D.; Kakate, N.E.; Victor, D.T. (2022). Challenges of Recruitment and Selection in Nigerian Organisations. International Journal of Advanced Academic Research, 8(1), pp30-37. Available online at:

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